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20 beautiful wedding pictures ideas

wedding pictures ideas

You already know how to address wedding invitations, you’ve finalized your seating charts, and now you’re ready to think about the fun parts of wedding planning! 

Your wedding day is special; the memories from it will last you a lifetime. And capturing those moments in beautiful, timeless wedding pictures will help ensure you don’t forget any of them. This article will discuss important wedding picture ideas so you can trust you’ll have beautiful mementos. 

What is a wedding photo shot list?

A wedding photo shot list is a list of all the different photos you want on your wedding day. It helps the photographer stay organized and makes sure nothing important gets missed! 

Typically, the list includes shots of your dress, the flowers, and of course, pictures of you and your spouse. You might also want to have the photographer take close-ups of your wedding rings, your bouquet, the cake, and any other small details that are unique to your wedding. Ideally, you’ll indicate your preferences for each photo: the people to be included, the location (indoors or outdoors), the background to be favored, the type of shot (to see the subject in its environment or in isolation, for example), the desired effect (sharp, where moving subjects are perfectly seen, or blurred, where movement becomes blurred), etc.

In short, this checklist is the secret of successful, original wedding photos, which can then be used to produce magnificent books and albums.

Wedding photo inspiration ideas

Now it’s time to get into the fun stuff—the wedding photo inspiration ideas! Here are a few must-have wedding photos to add to your checklist. Keep in mind that, to make this a very personal photo book, your photos need to reflect your tastes and style, whether classic or outrageous.

Wedding pictures before the ceremony

Don’t forget to capture the moments leading up to your wedding ceremony! You may want pictures of you and your partner getting ready, as well as any special moments with the bridal party. Preparations for the ceremony give rise to a thousand and one moments to capture: the bride having her hair or make-up done, a giggle between the bride and her bridesmaids, the groom putting on his jacket or getting a groomsman to help him fix his cufflinks, and so on. You can also opt for close-ups, such as a hand on a shoulder or a foot slipping into a shoe: be imaginative!

Wedding pictures during the ceremony

The bride’s arrival on her father’s arm, the groom’s amazed look at his bride-to-be, the flower girls throwing flower petals on their way, the guests witnessing this special moment, and the emotional faces of the bride and groom during the exchange of vows and wedding rings (and those of family and friends) all deserve their own shots.

Couples wedding pictures

If it’s a church wedding or an outdoor ceremony, take advantage of the beauty of the setting to take photos of the couple from different angles, with different backgrounds.

Vary the poses (arm in arm, arm under arm, embracing, holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes, kissing, looking at the camera or the horizon, etc.) and expressions (smirks, big smiles, laughter, surprised looks, knowing glances, etc.). It’s better to have to select the best ones at the end than to end up with too limited a choice that doesn’t appeal to both bride and groom.

If you’re leaving in a limousine, convertible or motorcycle, for example, take a few photos at this point too.

Individual portraits of the bride and groom

These photo prints will certainly make your parents proud: take advantage of this moment when you’re at your most beautiful to take a few solo shots with different angles (far away to see your whole outfit and closer to emphasize your face).

Photos during the reception

Before you leave the ceremony site, don’t forget to take a group photo, with yourself taking center stage. All those pretty faces should be together in at least one photo! During the reception, the welcome cocktail hour is a great time for interesting shots. Photograph the families together, the friends, the groomsmen and bridesmaids, the children together, the bride and groom with their parents, the grandparents… 

Don’t forget to make the most of the location: a remarkable work of art, a chic staircase, a statue, a fountain or a piece of architecture with cachet, in particular, are sure to enhance your shots.   

The evening, too, offers a wealth of material for your photographer: the first dance, the party and the show, if any, are all moments to capture.

Funny wedding pictures

Your wedding day should be filled with laughter, and what better way to capture that than with some fun wedding pictures? Think outside the box and get creative! Maybe you and your partner could do a silly pose or make funny faces at the camera. You could even plan a funny photo booth with props for your guests.

Wedding rings pictures 

Wedding rings symbolize your love and commitment, and capturing that in a beautiful picture is a must. Get creative with your ring shots – maybe you could have them sitting on top of a vintage book or alongside your bouquet. 

Wedding flowers pictures

Flowers play a big role in any wedding and you’ll want photos that outlast the actual flowers. Consider a close-up shot of your bouquet or maybe even a picture of you and your partner surrounded by the flowers. 

Wedding dress pictures 

Your wedding dress is a big part of your day, and you’ll want to remember it forever. Like with the cake, consider both a close up of the details and a picture that focuses on its entirety. Most likely you’ll also take some bride portraits in your dress to capture its beauty. 

Wedding cakes pictures

Your wedding cake is a sweet (literally) addition to your big day, and it deserves its own picture. You’ll probably want a photo of the entire cake, as well as a close-up of the design and details.

There are so many beautiful wedding picture ideas to choose from! Just remember to have fun and get creative. And, if you’re looking for more wedding planning help, take a look at our wedding planner checklist!

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