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20 First Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

first mothers day gifts

Embarking on the journey into motherhood can be satisfying, overwhelming, wonderful, and everything in between. That’s why it’s important to honor and celebrate milestones, especially in the first year. 

When you’re thinking about first Mother’s Day gift ideas, start by asking questions like what are her hobbies, her likes, her interests? 

Using the answers as inspiration, you can then brainstorm, What is a good Mother’s Day gift (and even What are good first Mother’s Day quotes for the card you choose). Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Silk Pajama Set or Plush Bathrobe 

For those nights when the baby allows her some sleep, a high-quality silk pajama set can make her feel like royalty. It’s a luxurious and practical first Mother’s Day gift she’ll love.

Mother’s Day Movie Night Kit

A movie night kit, complete with her favorite films, popcorn, and a cozy blanket, can provide a much-needed relaxing night in. If you’re wondering what to do for Mother’s Day, a simple and heartfelt night at home can be just as special as an elaborate outing.

Spa Gift Card

A gift card to a local spa is a thoughtful way for her to take a break and pamper herself. It’s a lovely reminder that she deserves to be taken care of, too.

Personalized Mug 

A mug with a sweet message like “Best Mom Ever” or “First Mother’s Day” can be a great daily reminder of this special time in her life. Or, customize a mug with a picture of her and the baby. Every morning, she’ll start her day with a warm cup of love.

Custom Birthstone Necklace

A custom necklace featuring her baby’s birthstone is a beautiful and sentimental gift. It’s a piece of jewelry that she can wear daily, carrying a piece of her baby’s story with her wherever she goes.

Baby Handprint and Footprint Clay Kit

A clay kit to make impressions of her baby’s handprints and footprints is a sweet and touching gift for a first mother. She may even display it in her home.

Subscription to a Book Club

If she’s a bookworm, a subscription to a book club could be the perfect gift. Give her access to new and exciting reads every month, offering an escape into different worlds.

New Mom Care Package

First-time moms often forget to take care of themselves. A care package filled with bath products, a cozy blanket, and other comforting items can be a beautiful reminder that she deserves some pampering too.

A Homemade Card from Baby

Even though the little one can’t draw a Mother’s Day card yet, that doesn’t mean they can’t participate. Pick out a card and write a message as if it’s coming from the baby. It could say something sweet and funny like: “Mom, this has been the best year of my life (well, the only year!). Thank you so much for always being there for me. I love you.” It’s a heartfelt way to make her smile​.

Craft a Personalized Photo Book

Time flies, especially during the first year of motherhood. Help her capture these fleeting moments with a custom photo book filled with pictures of her pregnancy and the new family. It’s a gift that grows in value over time​

A Beautiful Plant or Flower

Nothing brightens up a room like a beautiful plant or flower. Choose one that’s easy to care for and will add a touch of nature to her space. It’s a living, growing reminder of her first Mother’s Day.

DIY Scrapbook Kit

A DIY scrapbook kit is a fun and creative gift. She can use it to compile memories, photographs, and keepsakes from her baby’s first year. It’s a gift that she can enjoy creating and then treasure for years to come.

Sentimental Locket with Baby’s Picture

A locket with her baby’s picture inside is a sentimental gift she can wear close to her heart every day, offering a constant reminder of her precious bundle of joy.

Online Yoga Class Subscription

Help her find some peace amidst the joyous chaos of motherhood with an online yoga class subscription. It’s a great way for her to have some “me” time, promoting both physical and mental wellness.

Customizable Journal

A customizable journal can serve as a place for her to record her thoughts, experiences, and baby’s milestones. It’s a personal and sentimental gift she can look back on over the years.

Handmade Coupon Book

A handmade coupon book filled with offers to help around the house, give her a day off, or provide a pampering session is a practical gift that’s also incredibly thoughtful. Each coupon is a promise of your love and support during her motherhood journey.

Breakfast in Bed

Surprise her with a well-deserved breakfast in bed. Prepare her favorite morning meal, serve it with a beautiful flower and a sweet note. It’s a simple but meaningful gesture that will start her special day off right.

Memory Box with Keepsake Photo

A memory box is a perfect place for her to store all the little mementos from her baby’s first year. Print photos for a special touch, making the box a treasure trove of precious memories.

Romantic Getaway  

Plan a romantic getaway for some time alone. Choose a one-night stay at a local bed and breakfast or a weekend trip to a cozy cabin. The length of time isn’t as important as the chance to reconnect and recharge together. 

Customized Blanket 

A customized photo blanket featuring a picture of her and her baby can be a cozy and beloved gift. Every time she wraps up in it, she’ll be reminded of her baby’s first year and the special moments they’ve shared.

Pampering Skincare Set

A luxurious skincare set can help her feel pampered and loved. Choose products with gentle and natural ingredients that can help her feel refreshed and revitalized.

Whatever gift you choose, what’s most important is the thought and care you put into it. 

Don’t forget to include a personalized note to go with the present (check out these ideas for what to write in a Mother’s Day card), especially if she’s the type to save cards. 

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