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20 ways to say “Happy First Mother’s Day“

happy first mothers day

The first Mother’s Day is a milestone like no other: there’s a blend of joy, excitement, and a little bit of awe at the journey of parenthood that’s just beginning. 

First Mother’s Day gifts can be fun to pick out —but have you thought about what to write in a Mother’s Day card when it’s the very first one?

Having the perfect words in a meaningful card is just the right complement to their first Mother’s Day gifts and to the memories they’ll make on that special day. 

If you’re looking to send a warm wish to a new mom – your friend, sister, daughter, or spouse – you’re in the right place. At Black’s, we believe in making these moments memorable. Why not consider creating a custom photo book and writing one of the messages below? 

(And, if you’re hunting for a special gift, check out some of the unique Mother’s Day gifts we curated for you). 

First Mother’s Day messages for a friend

Your friend has just gotten started on the beautiful journey of motherhood. Whether you’re old friends or new friends, what better way to support her than with a heartfelt message and a thoughtful card? Here are some ideas to get you started. 

  1. “To my friend on her first Mother’s Day. It can feel like a lot, but remember – it’s okay to ask for help. Don’t forget to take time for yourself, and most of all, remember that motherhood is different for everyone. You’re doing a great job!”
  2. “Dear [Name], remember when I told you that you could always count on me? Did you notice the small print on that deal though? It says I get a pass when baby duty involves gastro issues. No worries though, I promise to buy some cute replacement outfits for the ones that didn’t survive! Ha! You’re doing an amazing job as a mom and I raise my bottle to your health!”
  3. “Glowing, blooming, and vibrant – your indoor plant has never looked better! What? You thought I was talking about you? Well, I was saving the best for last. Caring, strong, attentive, talented, and divine – yeah, that’s you in your new mom role. Happy Mother’s Day!”
  4. “Happy First Mother’s Day to one of my favorite people in the world. We’ve been through so much together over the years and I’m excited to share this new adventure with you. Your baby is so lucky to have you!”
  5. “Remember when we swore we wouldn’t have kids? And here we are now, both moms, and I see the joy motherhood brings you in your eyes. We’ve kept most of our promises over the years, so I guess breaking one isn’t so bad! Happy first Mother’s Day!”

First Mother’s Day messages from a mother to her daughter

Seeing your little girl become a mother is a moment of immense pride and emotion. Here are some touching messages to convey your love and wisdom on her First Mother’s Day.

  1. “Remember when you used to play mom with your dolls? You took it so seriously, like they were real kids. Now, I see you weren’t playing – you were practicing. And you’re nailing it. So proud of you!”
  2. “Happy First Mother’s Day to my beautiful daughter. Your child is blessed to have such a compassionate person as a mom.”
  3. “Every day I thank the stars for giving me a daughter like you, and now, a grandchild. Happy First Mother’s Day!”
  4. “Life’s been so good to me—I got such joy from watching you grow up and guiding you along the way. Now though, you’ve given me the greatest gift—a grandchild who brings joy to our entire family. And, I know you’re taking incredible care of him. I couldn’t be happier or more pleased. Happy Mother’s Day, sweetheart!”
  5. “Your first Mother’s Day! It gives me such joy to watch you with your little one. I love you so much. Happy first Mother’s Day, my beautiful daughter. “

First Mother’s Day messages for sister

Your sister has been there through all life’s ups and downs, and now she’s stepped into a role that will be filled with even more ups and downs. Celebrate her new journey with these warm and affectionate messages on her First Mother’s Day.

  1. “You’ve always been there for me as my sister. Now, you’re there for [Baby’s Name]. Happy First Mother’s Day!”
  2. Looks like the baby of our family now has a baby of her own! Time flies, doesn’t it? I bet you could teach us a thing or two about parenting given your knack for giving good advice. I won’t write a long message though! I know [Baby’s Name] is your top priority now. You’re such a natural at motherhood!
  3. “From childhood secrets to parenting tips, our journey continues. Happy First Mother’s Day, dear sister.”
  4. “If I get emotional watching animated movies, imagine what the arrival of [Baby’s Name] did to me!! Seeing you take care of them with so much patience and calmness gets me every time. You’re nailing this mom role… and I’m loving this front row seat!”
  5. “From sharing toys to sharing motherhood joys, we’ve come a long way. Happy First Mother’s Day!”

First Mother’s Day messages from husband/spouse to his wife

Watching the woman you love become the mother of your child is a profound experience. These heartfelt messages are crafted to express your admiration and love on her First Mother’s Day.

  1. “I am the luckiest man on earth! I married a woman who amazes me with her kindness, generosity, and her ability to keep our love alive. And she’s given me the best gift ever: [Baby’s Name]. Happy Mother’s Day, my love!”
  2. “This first Mother’s Day marks the start of a journey we take together as parents. Looking forward to every step with you in the years to come”
  3. “Our baby and I are the luckiest to have you. Happy First Mother’s Day, darling!”
  4. “To my wife on her first Mother’s Day— We love you more than words can express. Thank you for everything you’ve done for our daughter/son in these first X months.”
  5. “My love, you were the only one I could ever envision starting a family with. Our family is strong, adaptable, and full of love, all thanks to you. You’re the rock that’s building our family’s future and I’m so happy with the life we’ve created! Happy first Mother’s Day!”

And there you go: a treasure trove of uplifting messages celebrating the first-time moms in your life to inspire you. Whether you’re her best friend, her own mother, her sibling, or her partner, it’s time to make the new mom in your life feel extra special on her first-ever Mother’s Day. 

So, here’s to first-time moms. Here’s to their strength, their joy, their love. And here’s to making their first Mother’s Day unforgettable. (Need some ideas to help you decide what to do for Mother’s Day 😉? We have you covered!)

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